About Me

My Begining as a Custom Jewelry Designer

custom jewelry designer bwbChristmas of 2016, I wanted to make a necklace for my wife. I did online tutorials and realized that I would need a lot of tools. There was no jeweler in the state of Pa that could do what I wanted to be done. I checked some online sources that quoted me more money than I get for an entire month, and I furnished the stones. I knew then that I would have to learn and buy tools, as I could, and become a custom jewelry designer.

Since having to go on SS Disability, I have been trying to figure a way to make a living from home to get off the system. I have tried several online programs that promise big rewards with little effort and of course an investment. None-worth a darn! I continually study basically 3 main designers but I observe many others. I have looked at many hours of video of countless designers so that I could get a better understanding of what works best. Having many years of working experience with tools and metals, I have been able to adapt to the jewelry making trade. I have been enjoying making small treasures for people, mostly friends and family. I want to share my skills with you and turn your ideas into your treasure.